Effective Video Marketing Tactics for the Tourism Sector

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Tourism is a lucrative industry worth trillions and the figures continue to swell. In 2017, international tourist arrivals from across continents grew 7%, highest in seven years of consistent 4% growth since 2010.

That’s one thing to cheer about as marketers because there will be so much business you sure hope you can accomodate them all!

It’s no wonder that 60% of travelers watch a related video of a destination before deciding. 100 million people in YouTube’s unique users are travelers for any given month! And as tourism sector relies on experience, video is the best platform to sell that with their eyes open.

The question then shifts between “how do you reach these people” and “what strategies work?”

The curious and often used Newton adage “standing on the shoulders of giants,” gives us clues. We take inspiration from some of the world’s biggest travel brands to see what really works.


How Big Brands Do It?


Marriott — Just one mention and the brand recall is there regardless of country but they don’t rest on their laurels pal! They created their own online magazine called Marriott Traveler from scratch which focuses on vlogs and partnerships with known creators and influencers.  

Airliners — Social and video is a bigger hit for many airlines compared to TV spots so you see great commercials from them on Youtube. Remember that safety video from British Airways featuring some of the most iconic British faces and personalities ever? How many times did we use British there! We can’t keep count and so will you if you watch it below. It’s captivating and a breath of fresh air. Did we forget, viral?

Watch some more fun ads from Turkish Airlines (with a hint of Batman), Virgin America (safety dance), and Air NZ (filled with hobbits).


Orbitz — travel aggregator and booking site invested on a travel series to market their service in 2013 and it was a big hit putting them in the map against Expedia and TripAdvisor.

Airbnb — One of the two disruptors on our list, this brand has changed hotel accommodation bookings forever and they ventured into video marketing too. They used Vine to promote the company using content creators from around the world. They give 360 degree house tours on Periscope, and created a series highlighting the kindness of Airbnb users. They put the customers and humanity first at the core of their video efforts.

Uber — The king of shared economy and future replacement for obsolete cabs, Uber has disrupted public transport in major cities around the world. Despite their status, they care for their drivers first using Youtube to educate new partners. Apart from marketing, they also used video for customer service, especially during PR gaffes. Uber’s marketing strategy is well embedded in video with clips released for just about anything from gift cards to their Uber Walmart grocery delivery service.


Lessons Learned:

  • Tie up every bit of marketing opportunity with video like Uber and solve problems
  • Use all social platforms available for you at once like Airbnb
  • Tap influencers, create your own content like Marriott and keep it simple
  • Focus on story quality and hit them in the feels like Orbitz
  • Make the usually boring, fun like leading airlines British Airways and Air NZ


What tactics inspired you the most?


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